• Zandra Wolfgram

Making It Happen: Annalise Dedicke

By Zandra Wolfgram

Celebrating one month (Sept. 16, 2021) on the Sinfonia Gulf Coast team is Anna Dedicke. Born in Clovis, New Mexico, this personable and authentic creative studied marketing and English at Newbury College and later received an AA degree in anthropology at Northwest Florida State College. As event planner with Frances Roy Agency, she planned J. Leon Gallery and Studio’s monthly Sip N’ Strolls and Boys and Girls Club’s Foodie Festivals. It was through these events that she made connections with Sinfonia Gulf Coast — and an impression. When an opening became available, they hired her. We caught up with Annalise to get to know her and get her fresh take on thing.

You are just a few weeks into your job. What are your first impressions?

I’m absolutely in love with this job. I feel like it’s an amazing fit for me. I get to work with incredible, smart, and creative people — all devoted to an amazing mission.

Do you have a passion for music?

I adore music. I began playing violin in 4th grade. As soon as I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. But I fell in love with music way before then. My grandmother taught me to play piano, and I loved to sing. I was in chorus very young and absolutely loved anything musical.

If you could meet any musician, who would it be?

Elle King, because she’s one of my favorite artists, and I relate so much to her song America’s Sweetheart.

What do you do in your job role?

My primary responsibility is to be a liaison for the team and the Board of Directors. I make sure we have all the resources we need to have an amazing season. I handle a majority of the back-ended details.

What do like to do in your free time?

I like reading fantasy novels, hand lettering, going to stationary stores, interior design, as well as painting and drawing florals. I also like spending time with my puppy, Joseph Talon.

What do you like about working with Sinfonia Gulf Coast?

I am so excited to be able to experience everything firsthand and learn and grow from the events that we put on. I am also very excited to help make a difference for everyone playing in Sinfonia Youth Orchestra and the Sinfonia orchestra.

You work directly with Demetrius Fuller, the music and artistic director. What’s that like?

It’s inspiring. Demetrius is always giving everything he does 100 percent which just makes you want to do the same. He cares so deeply for Sinfonia and it shows in everything he does. I am very excited to learn from him.

What are you most excited about for Season 16?

I am most excited for the amazing line up we have for this season and to meet all the amazing people that help us make this season happen.

Why should 20-somethings come out to experience a Sinfonia concert?

Personally, music has always been a large part of my life and I appreciate it more as an adult. I think my age demographic should come and experience a Sinfonia concert, because it truly isn’t like other orchestras. We are constantly doing unique and creative concerts that are tailored to everyone.

What do you think Sinfonia brings to the larger Emerald Coast arts scene?

What I think Sinfonia brings to the larger Emerald Coast is passion, movement, and a sense of community. Music is art in the purest form and Sinfonia shows that through amazing seasons filled with delightful entertainment and amazing growth and opportunities especially for the younger generations.

What one word describes Sinfonia Gulf Coast best?


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