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  • Zandra Wolfgram


Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Lives in Shalimar

Director of Events, 2012-2018

In celebration of Sinfonia Gulf Coast’s 15th anniversary, we are sharing conversations with some of the many amazing people who make the magic happen

Q: Why did you first get involved?

ET: I was lucky enough to work with some fabulous people on event called Wine Women & Shoes benefiting WSRE in Pensacola and one of their board members, Demetria McNeese, introduced me to Demetrius. The rest is history.

Q: Why do you have a passion for supporting live music?

ET: I took piano lesson for 10 years and never really could play the piano very well but love to watch talented people that can play music. Growing up my parents took us to the theater and the symphony. I believe that music and theater is magical and love that Sinfonia can bring this magic to our area.

Q: How has Sinfonia “redefined” the contemporary orchestra experience in your view?

ET: Life is short, and I believe that you should never stop learning and growing. Sinfonia "redefines” the contemporary orchestra experience by opening the eyes to young and old alike to expect the unexpected. You can see it in the eyes and smiles of all the attendees and volunteers.

Q: What memories do you have from the past 15 years?

ET: We had an extremely demanding star for a concert, and she didn’t like the couch that we had placed in her dressing room for her naps. So, I went home and got my queen size, bed-height airbed, my best queen sheets and set it up in a small room off her dressing room. The room was so small that the bed filled the entire room—good news though, the artist had a good nap, and the concert was a success.

Q: Favorite concert?

ET: I have so many, but the Christmas concerts are so special. The music is amazing and when the Von Trapp Family Singers joined us, it was Christmas magic!

Q: Favorite event?

ET: This has to be Crescendo! It was always a labor of love and being there from the very beginning will always keep it close to my heart.

Q: What is your favorite instrument in the orchestra?

ET: The Xylophone! I would love to learn to play that.

Q: What does Sinfonia bring to the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast?

ET: Besides live concerts, amazing artists, visual/music concert combinations it’s the music in our schools. Sinfonia brings musicians to the schools many of which have no music programs. Sinfonia has provided instruments to many schools and the Link Up programs is something that this community is very lucky to have. Very few communities nationwide are selected by the Carnegie Foundation to participate in Link Up and watching the thousands of kids playing their recorders along with the Sinfonia Orchestra is an experience that continues to bring tears to my eyes.

Q: What do you hope for Sinfonia in the next 15 years?

ET: Besides continuing to bring music and music education to this community in every way, I hope that Sinfonia can find a “home” to provide these concerts and musical events, large and small, for years to come.

Q: One word to describe Sinfonia Gulf Coast?

ET: Heartwarming

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